Posted by: Melinda Anderson | March 4, 2011

6 Secrets to Household Management

Here are the 6 secrets to household management that will help you to efficiently handle the business of running a home.Household Management Office

It doesn’t require a lot of space, just a few simple systems and tools are needed to get the job done. 


  1. Calendar / Planner: Choose a planner that fits your lifestyle. You may like using the calendar on your cell phone or an electronic planner like Google Calendar or the hip and cool online application Cozi (both are free online). A paper calendar that has plenty of room to take notes like the Planner Pad or one that keeps up with the schedules of an entire family like Mom Agenda work well for busy people on the go.
  2. Action Files: These files contain all the current papers you are working on and usually require some form of action from you before they can be filed in the reference files. They can be things you need to do, bills that need to be paid, projects in various stages of completion, or things you want to read whenever you get a minute.
  3. Reference Files: These files contain the papers you have finished working on and want to keep. They can be anything from your bank statements to car insurance policy to your voter registration card.
  4. Shredder: Protect your identity and shred anything with your name, address, or other personal information on it. It only takes a second to tear off the label from a magazine or other unwanted piece of paper. (Here’s a scary thought: One day our landfills may be “mined” for recyclable items like aluminum, glass, metal and plastics. Papers, with our personal information on them, that have been buried for years without exposure to air and sunlight will easily be able to be read. Yikes!)
  5. Recycle bin / trash can: Keep unwanted paper to a minimum by making it easy to get rid of. Paper that has only been printed on one side can be reused for printing information that doesn’t require a clean sheet of paper. Envelopes, school papers and magazines can be placed in the mixed paper recycling bin.
  6. Contact Management System: To easily keep up with your contact lists you may choose to use the contact management system that comes with your cell phone, an address book, Rolodex, Outlook or a simple Excel spreadsheet to keep up with names, physical addresses, email addresses, home/work/cell phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, and other important information.

By having a few simple systems in place to manage the paper related to your household, it will be one of the best time-saving investments you can make for your home and family.

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