Posted by: Melinda Anderson | December 26, 2010

After Christmas organizing tips

Get a head start on Christmas 2011 with these tips:

  • Shred wrapping paper to use as box filler for next year’s shipped gifts.
  • Pack a box of “decorations I did not use in 2010”. When decorating next year, reassess whether they will be used. If they don’t make the cut, donate them early in the season to a local charity or thrift store so they can be put out for sale in their most marketable season.
  • Update your address book from the Christmas cards received this year.
  • Save this year’s Christmas cards to be used as next year’s gift tags.
  • Shop the after Christmas sales and write what you bought and where you put it in your planner/calendar in November 2011 so you won’t forget what you have.
  • Create a “Christmas Gift List” and shop year round for presents. The month of December will be more relaxed with most of your shopping done. You’ll also be able to spread out the cost over the entire year.
  • Write down what your family really enjoyed this holiday season and what you can skip next year.
  • Sort out your decorations as you take them down and prepare them for storage. Just as you did at the beginning of the season, use boxes or bins and separate into categories: lights, ornaments, wall decorations, tabletop décor, linens, outside decorations, wrapping supplies, cards, etc. Once everything is sorted, pick a category and go through each item and ask yourself the three magic questions: Do I need it? Do I use it? Do I love it? Then choose your containers. You may like red and green Rubbermaid totes with tight fitting lids, clear containers, or cardboard boxes; the important thing is to contain your decorations and then LABEL the containers. Store all your holiday containers in one area for next year.
  • Clear out the old toys to make way for the new. Donate children’s toys that are broken, no longer interesting or have long since been outgrown. The same goes for clothing that is never worn.
  • Take advantage of the end-of-the-year tax write offs by donating your unused or excess items to charity. Remember to keep a list of everything you donated to turn in to your accountant at tax time.

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